About ApSTAT Technologies

Founded in 2001 by deep learning co-father Yoshua Bengio and three of his then graduate students, ApSTAT Technologies has specialized in developing commercial applications from fundamental advances in machine learning. Throughout the years, its works have covered a wide range of subjects, including insurance risk modeling, financial portfolio management, computational advertising, acoustic signal processing, biomedical data analysis, supply chain forecasting and planning.

Since 2017, ApSTAT Technologies has ceased operational activities to become a holding company with positions in enterprises best positioned to leverage artificial intelligence technology in various economically-relevant verticals. It also directly invests in strategic opportunities.


Our investments include the following

Current Holdings


Abridge structures and summarizes information from the most important signals in healthcare — spoken conversations. The company’s audio and ambient AI-centered solutions help clinicians practice at the top of their license and patients stay on top of their health. Whether an appointment takes place in-person or via telemedicine, Abridge captures and documents the conversation to meet the needs of providers, patients, and enterprises.


Govern, validate and monitor artificial intelligence, enabling stakeholders — such as data scientists, risk officers and business owners — to produce robust models easily and responsibly.

Chapados-Couture Capital

Chapados Couture Capital is an emerging quantitative portfolio manager of factor-based equity strategies and option-based alternative premia strategies.


Glowstick is a Customer Success insights platform that surfaces leading indicators of growth opportunities and retention risks in your customer conversations faster than CSMs manually can. Customer Success teams using our platform no longer need to rely on gut feel (or just usage data) to gain visibility into the health of their accounts, ultimately helping mitigate churn and drive expansion.

Gray Oncology Solutions

Gray provides software to automate oncology treatment center operations. For such a center, deciding when, where and how long to treat each cancer patient can be an arduous task that results in a waste of potential treatment bandwidth. GrayOS is a virtual model of your center, which continuously simulates the future to optimize the present, enabling streamlined operations and better patient outcomes.

Imagia-Canexia Health

Imagia built an ecosystem empowering clinicians with AI-powered tools to accelerate the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers. In 2022, the company merged with Canexia Health to accelerate access to precision oncology.


PemPem builds mobile-based, socially embedded business-to-business tools for the informal economy. Its mission is to support a transition out of the informal, cash-based economy into a digital, technology-based one that brings greater efficiency and profit to informal businesses, traceability to the supply chain, and sustainability to the sector.


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Exited Investments

Element AI

Element AI built a platform to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises through advanced artificial intelligence. The company was acquired by ServiceNow in 2021. The AI research group which was part of Element AI now continues its activities as ServiceNow Research.


Planora was building a flexible employee scheduling platform relying on advanced techniques from operations research (optimization) and machine learning (time series forecasting). It was acquired in 2012 by RedPrairie, which shortly thereafter merged with JDA Software (now Blue Yonder). In 2021, Panasonic completed the acquisition of Blue Yonder.



Alexandre Le Bouthillier


Healthcare AI, Cancer care, Information Technology, Environment, Entrepreneurship


Éric-Paul Couture


Time Series Modeling, Econometrics, Portfolio Management, Financial Analysis, Natural Resource Economics


Jean-François Gagné


Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Enterprise AI, High-Performance Computing


Nicolas Chapados


Deep Learning, Time Series Forecasting, Optimal Decision Making, Portfolio Management, Healthcare AI, Enterprise AI


Yoshua Bengio


Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning (RL), GANs & Generative Models, Graph Neural Networks, Causality, NLP, ML impact in: Climate, Medicine, Neuroscience