APSTAT's Principals

ApSTAT's principals share a passion for state-of-the-art research in data mining and statistical machine learning, as well as a true desire to make these technological advancements available to industrial users.

Yoshua Bengio, Ph.D.

Yoshua Bengio from ApSTAT Technologies

Yoshua is full professor in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research at University of Montreal.

He holds the Canada Research Chair in statistical learning algorithms as well as the NSERC--CGI industrial chair in high-dimensional data mining for electronic finance. He completed a Ph.D. at McGill University as well as two post-docs, a first one at MIT and a second at AT&T Bell Labs.

He successfully led a number of industrial research contracts, most recently for AstraZeneca, Bell Canada, Desjardins, CGI and Google.

Nicolas Chapados, Ph.D., CFA

Nicolas Chapados from ApSTAT Technologies

Nicolas holds a Bachelor's in computer engineering from McGill University and a Ph.D. in computer science from University of Montreal.

For five years, he was a member of the scientific staff at Nortel Networks (formerly Bell-Northern Research) where he led the research and initial implementation of a natural-language dialog manager, based on continuous speech recognition and natural language understanding.

He has more than 20 years of experience in object-oriented software design and an expertise in C++ development. He specializes in financial portfolio management methods making use of machine learning algorithms, as well as in time-series forecasting.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.

Eric-Paul Couture, M.Sc., CFA

Eric-Paul Couture

Eric-Paul co-founded Quantitative Capital, division of AMI Partners Inc. (now TD Quantitative Capital) in 1992 with Carl H. Otto, a pioneering canadian-based investment management firm specializing in semi-active risk-controlled canadian equity portfolio strategies. He served as managing partner and portfolio manager for 4 years during which assets under management grew from $250 million to $5 billion.

As Chief Research Officer and portfolio manager at Barclays Global Investors Canada, he then contributed to the development, validation and roll-out of BGI's Canada Alpha Tilt institutional product which delivered a realized Information Ratio of 1.0 for assets under management in the $300 million range.

Eric-Paul has 25 years experience in the investment management industry. He holds a Bachelor in Finance (Financial Executive Institute medallist) from McGill University and a Masters in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines.

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